Resources & Support

Report: Best and Emerging Practices for Individuals and Families Affected by FASD Across the Lifespan

If you are a person with FASD or your life has been touched by someone with FASD, CFAN can help connect you to information and services.


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Register now for CFAN's FASD Day Pancake Breakfast! Join us September 9 for a family pancake breakfast at Riverbend Community Hall. See more.

Everyone had fun at the Stop FASD Run! Thanks to Kari for organizing a great event to raise awareness about FASD. See more. 

Wood's Homes FASD Support Program is now taking referrals! This program includes new caregiver groups and family mentoring. See here for more details.

Enviros's Care Connection Summer Daycamp & Respite - See here for more information.

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FASD Training & Education

FASD is the most common preventable developmental disability. If your organization or workplace offers care, services or products to members of the public, you interact with people who have FASD. CFAN offers workshops to help you understand

  • FASD and its causes and effects on health and behaviour
  • strategies for supporting individuals with FASD to succeed
  • for health providers, how to support women in preventing FASD

Find out more about our training and how to book a presentation.