Alcohol Use After Pregnancy Recognition - Research Presentation


On Behalf of the Calgary Fetal Alcohol Network, we would like to cordially invite you to a research presentation from PhD candidate, Kaylee Ramage. With funding from the City of Calgary, and guidance from our Collective Impact Research working group, Kaylee has conducted a qualitative study on understanding the reasons of alcohol use after pregnancy recognition.

A brief summary of the study:

It is well known that alcohol consumption during pregnancy is linked to a myriad of negative health outcomes for infants, including: low birth weight, cognitive difficulties, behavioral difficulties, and FASD. Many factors affect a women’s decision to drink during pregnancy and many women stop drinking once they know they are pregnant. However, few studies have looked at the experiences of women who continue to drink after they know they are pregnant. The current study explores the factors affecting alcohol consumption during pregnancy for these women and investigates the best way to support women who use alcohol during pregnancy. Ideas for prevention, intervention, and messaging will be discussed.

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Understanding Factors Contributing to Continued Alcohol Consumption After Pregnancy Recognition - Recruiting Study Participants

CFAN is conducting a research study to explore the complexities underlying womens' decisions to drink alcohol after they know they are pregnant. The project takes a strengths-based approach and is meant to not further the judgment and stigma that may be associated with prenatal alcohol consumption, but rather to give voice to these women such that better supports can be developed.

We are recruiting 2 groups to participate in one-on-one interviews:
1. Women who disclose as having used alcohol after pregnancy recognition within the past 5 years (over 18 years old works best). Please see this poster for more information about participating in the study.
2. Service providers who work with women who drink alcohol after pregnancy recognition.
Contact: If you wish to participate, please contact researcher Kaylee Ramage at 587-229-5929 or

Volunteers Needed for Study of Brain Development

Participants are being recruited who have an FASD diagnosis who are 5 years of age and older. The study involves an MRI of the brain (~40 mins), followed by cognitive testing (~35 min) done on an iPad. The study takes ~2 hours in total, and is conducted at the University of Alberta Hospital. To apply to take part in the study, please contact or call 780-492-3908. To learn more about the study, see here.

British Columbia Centre on Substance Abuse - Free Online Course

The Online Addiction Medicine Diploma is a free online certificate course targeted at health care professionals interested in learning more about providing care to patients with alcohol, tobacco, and opioid substance use disorders. The course is also open for anyone wishing to improve their knowledge of substance use and addiction. For info and how to register, see here.

AHS Complex Needs Initiative Webinar Series

AHS presents monthly webinars on topics related to complex needs clients. To see the list of webinars and how to register, click here.

Take Part in a U of C/Alberta Children's Hospital Study on the Effects of Alcohol on a Child's Brain

Researchers are seeking participants in this study aged 3-6 years old who were exposed to alcohol during pregnancy. Participants will undergo a cognitive and behavioural assessment and MRI scan. Caregivers will receive a summary of the child's cognitive and behavioural function, an image of the child's brain and reimbursement of travel costs. The child will also receive a toy.
If you're interested in this study, please contact Preeti Kar at or call 403-955-2966. For more information, visit



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October 24 - 27, 2017: National FASD Conference



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FASD Day 2017 - Thanks, everyone, for attending! See pics here!

At 9:09 on September 9 (the ninth day of the ninth month) – a time inspired by the nine months of pregnancy – people across the world gather every year to celebrate the successes of families and individuals affected by FASD.


Thanks to Kari Weber for organizing the first STOP FASD Run at Edworthy Park and everyone who came out to raise awareness about FASD! To see more, click here.

Caregivers Night Out

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