Calgary Fetal Alcohol Network (CFAN) is a registered charity aimed at increasing awareness and mobilizing action to encourage a healthy societal response to the issue of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). Our goals are to reduce the incidence of FASD and support a high quality of life for the individuals and families affected.

CFAN is looking for community leaders with expertise in the following areas to join our Board of Directors:

·       Governance

·       Legal/Risk Management

·       Stakeholder Relations

·        Non-Profit Management

·        Community Investment

·       Subject Matter Expertise


Not only do our board members learn about FASD and the far-reaching impact it has on our communities, they experience:

·       Being a member of an inclusive, results-oriented team

·       The opportunity to participate in leading-edge initiatives

·       The ability to have an impact on the community

·       The chance to be a part of a growing organization


The commitment includes: 10 -11 Board and committee meetings a year, minimal tactical committee work (1 hour monthly), attendance at occasional community events and an annual strategic retreat.

The Board is looking for new members who wish to expand their board knowledge and are interested in taking on new roles.


To learn more about the Calgary Fetal Alcohol Network or to apply, please contact Dianna Cherlet at Cover letters and resumes can be submitted by email.