It takes the collaboration of many organizations, systems and sectors in society to change how FASD is viewed, approached and supported in our society. CFAN works to bring stakeholders together to work together on priorities and actions for FASD awareness, support and prevention in Calgary and area. Through our collaborative and community engagement work, we aim to reduce the incidence of FASD in Calgary and area as well as ensure individuals and families affected by FASD have the supports they need to thrive in the community.

Collaborative and community engagement activities in 2016-17 included

  • Participation at 11 community tables to ensure initiatives addressing issues such as homelessness, domestic violence, justice, mental health and education included an FASD perspective.
  • Backbone support and facilitation for the Collective Impact Working Group. The group received one-time funding from the City of Calgary to support its implementation and to launch a prevention research initiative to study the root causes of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. Focusing on prevention, coordination, practice and access, the shared purpose of this group is to improve outcomes and community conditions for individuals and families affected, or potentially affected, by FASD.
  • Support to the Caregiver Advisory Committee, which provides an opportunity for parents and caregiver of individuals with FASD to assess, inform, and provide input into the priorities and strategies of the Calgary FASD network.
  • Launch of the Coordinated Access Working Group which aims to ensure individuals and families have access to services across Calgary and area systems, regardless of where they are currently receiving supports.

CFAN Training

Best Practices in FASD Intervention

In 2016-17, 863 professionals across 6 sectors participated in training to help them better serve individuals who may have FASD that they encounter in their front line work. This training was also offered at MRU's Nursing program, U of C's Nursing and Homelessness Certificate programs, and Bow Valley College's Addictions Studies and Aboriginal Mental Health programs. 

Prevention Conversation

CFAN participates in the Government of Alberta's FASD prevention initiative, The Prevention Conversation. 920 professionals participated in CFAN's Prevention Conversation training across 7 sectors, learning how to engage women in non-judgmental and supportive conversations on alcohol and pregnancy. The training has also been included as part of MRU's School of Nursing curriculum and inclusion in the Midwifery program is under discussion.