CANFASD Information for Caregivers

Links to resources for parents and caregivers.

Info for Parents and Carers After FASD Diagnosis

By Dr. Cassie Hunt, from the National Organisation for Foetal Alcohol Syndrome - UK, 2017

A handbook for parents and caregivers with FASD information and practical strategies for day-to-day support and behavioural interventions.

Alberta FASD Diagnostic Clinic Resource Card

From CAN FASD and Lakeland Centre for FASD, a guide to FASD diagnostic clinics in Alberta, 2017.
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FASD Strategies not Solutions

By Edmonton Fetal Alcohol Network's Child and Youth Working Group -

A widely-used booklet helping caregivers and the community manage the behaviors associated with FASD.

FASD Caregiver Online Series

A venue for caregivers including foster parents, families, kinship care, youth and child care workers, child welfare services, and others trying to understand and cope with many of the life challenges faced by children with FASD.

Poster: I Am a Caregiver


An interactive site where you can learn about FASD as it presents across different life ages and stages, along with ideas for interventions.

Tips for Caregivers

Practical tips and examples for many situations encountered when supporting individuals with FASD. PDFs developed by FASD Support Network of Saskatchewan Inc.