At 9:09 on September 9 (the ninth day of the ninth month) – a time inspired by the nine months of pregnancy – people across the world gather to celebrate the successes of families and individuals affected by FASD.

In the same spirit as FASD Day’s founders – a group of parents frustrated over the lack of FASD awareness among professionals and the general public – our collective goal is to raise awareness, promote an attitude of respect and support in society for people affected by FASD, recognize the importance of FASD prevention and early intervention, and encourage people to support pregnant mothers in having alcohol-free pregnancies for the well-being of future generations.

2019 FASD Day Breakfast

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2017 FASD Day - Saturday, September 9

It was a perfect morning for a pancake breakfast and some outdoor fun! Since this year's event was on a Saturday, we were so happy to be able to have a family-focused event for everyone to enjoy. We also appreciated that many professional caregivers attended on their morning off. Thank you to the FASD Day planning committee, the many volunteers and CFAN staff who made the day happen! Shayla Katrick gave a touching and inspiring presentation about her journey with FASD - thanks for sharing your story, Shayla!


2016 FASD Day - Friday, September 9

FASD Day Breakfast September 9, 2016

More than 100 people joined us for CFAN's annual FASD Awareness Day Breakfast on September 9, 2016. Together, we were able to raise awareness about FASD and the resiliency and successes of those whose lives it impacts.
A special thank you to Hon. Irfan Sabir, Minister of Human Resources, for attending, as well as to our generous event sponsor Bow Valley College, Planning Committee members Allyson Dann (Parent Support Association) and Pam van Vugt (McMan), emcee Cara Milne, and panelists Sandra Surbek, Dr. Aileen Felske, Elizabeth MacGilivray and Toni Jarvis.
See also a special video message from Executive Director, Jamilah Joseph.