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FASD Learning Series Webcast: Transitioning to Adulthood

This panel discussion will be focused on some of the issues faced by persons with FASD when making the difficult transition to adulthood and adult supports. The panel members include persons with FASD and family members with intimate knowledge of this transition, as well as professionals from service providers which focus on this transition period.


Lisa Murphy - Program Manager at Lakeland Centre for FASD.
Wanda Beland - Executive Director of Northwest Region FASD Society, member of their Family Advisory Committee and adoptive parent of four adolescents and adults with FASD.
Angel Aspden - Angel has an FASD diagnosis and she regularly shares her experience with the transition to adulthood.
Sandra Kingdon - Sandra is a primary caregiver to someone with FASD who has transitioned to adulthood and is a volunteer board member with the Lakeland Centre for FASD.

Cost: Free

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